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Our society brings together scientists, conservationists and policy makers to gather scientific knowledge, and to promote the interests of elasmobranch fishes (sharks, skates and rays) in Dutch and European waters.

Unfortunately, many shark, skate and ray stocks are depleted, and on a global scale one in four species is threatened with extinction by overfishing, destruction of their habitat and because they are caught as bycatch in fisheries targeting other species. In recent years, it has proven difficult to develop suitable policy measures to reverse this trend. One of the major constraints is the general lack of knowledge about the ecology, and biology of elasmobranch fishes. And this knowledge is especially limited in Dutch waters. The Dutch Elasmobranch Society was founded to identify the persisting gaps in knowledge about Dutch and European elasmobranchs, and to bridge these gaps by conducting our own research, in collaboration with Dutch and international partners.

About us:

The Dutch Elasmobranch Society was founded in 2010 with as its primary purpose to carry out, facilitate, and encourage scientific research on sharks, skates and rays, thereby adding to the knowledge needed for their (inter) national policy, management and conservation. The main focus of the society is on elasmobranch species swimming in Dutch waters (including the Dutch overseas countries and municipalities), and those caught by the Dutch fishing fleet.

Our main activities are:
– Designing, conducting and supervising research on elasmobranch fishes;
– Advocating sustainable management of elasmobranch fish populations, sustainable fisheries and protecting marine wildlife and sensitive habitats at both   national and international level;
– Creating awareness about elasmobranchs and their environment;
– Advising on elasmobranch research, policy and management;
– Bringing together scientists, policy makers and conservationists in dialogue and research efforts.

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